This could go on and on, suggestions?
  1. Upper-decking someone's toilet
  2. Changing lanes in an intersection
  3. Pooping in the handicap stall when you're not actually handicap
  4. Destroying your own property
  5. Having bad breathe
  6. Shirts with swear words
  7. Bullying
  8. Home Depot commercials
  9. Walking into a busy coffee shop and putting your bag down to save your seat before you order
    Suggested by @patsim
  10. Taking a dump in Starbucks and not paying for anything
    Suggested by @patsim
  11. Holding long uncomfortable eye contact with stranger's children
    Suggested by @patsim
  12. Making students stay past the bell ringing
    Suggested by @TrevorHarrigan
  13. Talking on your phone in the library
    Suggested by @TrevorHarrigan
  14. Barking at dogs in cars with the windows down... Somehow irresistible for me
    Suggested by @TrevorHarrigan