1. Uh oh
  2. There's 10 urinals and only one is available
  3. I guess I have no choice
  4. Just think hard this time, Jeff.
  5. Think of a penguin.
  6. Think of a penguin in an ice cold cave.
  7. Just chilling.
  8. Or just chillin'.
  9. Chilling sounds way stupider.
  10. Why does there have to be 2 guys next to me.
  11. They probably can see that I'm not even peeing.
  12. That guy definitely knows I'm not peeing.
  13. Great, he's already done.
  14. That must've been a record for him.
  15. Ope. And that guys done too.
  16. Phew, no one next to me now.
  17. Ahh great; too late.
  18. This guy started peeing before he even got up to the urinal.
  19. How is that even possible.
  20. Good for him.
  21. Oh look he's already done.
  22. He probably has a small bladder.
  23. And look at you. You haven't even started peeing.
  24. Just push.
  25. Puuuuuuuuuush.
  26. Dammit. That hurts.
  27. I'm about to burst a tube.
  28. I bet the guys in line are getting anxious.
  29. Totally aware that someone's hogging the urinal.
  30. I should just fake shake and get outta here.
  31. Puuuuuuuuush.
  32. Hey, guy on my left, I think you can stop flappin' it; the drops are out.
  33. Jesus, what is this the 1920s.
  34. Flapperville: Population, this guy.
  35. Just fake shake and everyone will be impressed of how long you took.
  36. But no, you're just gonna stand there and stare at the Toilet Talk like an idiot.
  37. They'll be like wow. That guy, has a huge bladder.
  38. Why do they even have this Toilet Talk.
  39. It's not helping us shy-guys.
  40. I like the bars with nudes on the walls.
  41. That really gets me going.
  42. Where was I?
  43. Oh yeah. I've squeezed out like 10 drops now.
  44. Not bad.
  45. Ok just leave now while you have some dignity.
  46. Yes I can feel it finally coming!
  47. Here it comes.
  48. Dammit my friend just spanked me in the ass.
  49. Thanks Jim.
  50. Thank you for interrupting flow.