1. I found a tattoo place online
    I just googled some places and went on Yelp to read their reviews
  2. Found a place with a ton of positive reviews and great pictures of people's tattoos
  3. On Friday I went there to talk to an artist about what I wanted and the whole process of getting it and after I get it
  4. Went back today (Sunday) to get the tattoo
  5. The artist who did my tattoo was really nice and he answered all my questions and made me feel really comfortable
  6. It hurt more than I thought it would
    It felt like someone was poking a super sharp needle in my arm a gazillion times (that's actually what they do)
  7. But since it was so small and simple it literally only took 10 minutes
  8. It came out great and I love it
  9. Check out my last list to see a couple of pictures