1. Last year the interact club at my school
  2. Sold carnations and candy a few days before Valentine's day
  3. This guy that had a crush on me
    I still don't know why he liked me as much as he did??
  4. Sent me a pink carnation and a bag of Hershey kisses with a cute little note attached
  5. It was so sweet
  6. And the first real Valentine I've ever had
  7. So of course I kept it
    The flower not the candy lol
  8. A year later I still have that carnation in my drawer
  9. Even though its shriveled up
  10. It's still beautiful
  11. And I'll always remember how I felt when I received it
  12. And who it was that sent me my first real Valentine
  13. 💗💗💗