1. First of all WHAT was with all that body shaming in Summer????
  2. Rory didn't end up with Jess??
  3. Rory technically didn't end up with anybody??
  4. Rory and Jess didn't have that many scenes together??
  5. Jess didn't have many scenes period??
  6. Rory and Logan both cheated on their significant others??
  7. Logan cheated on his FIANCÉ??
  8. Rory cheated on her BOYFRIEND??
  9. Rory kept FORGETTING her BOYFRIEND???
  10. Sookie wasn't at Lorelai and Luke's prewedding??
  11. Paris and Doyle got divorced??
  12. Don't get me wrong there were some good things about the revival too.
    Maybe I'll make a list about that next.
  13. There might even be more things I hated but that's all I can think of right now.