Specific things that trigger my anxiety // I'm sorry and I don't even know why I'm writing this maybe bc I'm having an anxiety attack and crying right now???
  1. Anything work related
    Walking into the restaurant, walking into the kitchen, taking a customers order, going in on my day off to pick up my paycheck, talking to my boss, talking to my coworkers, I could make a whole other list about this
  2. Eating alone
    This is why I eat in my car at school
  3. Standing in the hallway outside class alone
  4. Having to give a presentation or speech in class
  5. Class discussions
  6. Teachers calling on me to answer a question when I don't have my hand raised
  7. Talking to people on the phone
  8. Ordering food at a restaurant
  9. Talking to strangers / acquaintances
  10. Basically anything and everything that involves social interaction