my dad was a kindergarten teacher // of course this was just my experience lol everyone's could be different
  1. They know all your teachers
  2. You (probably) will never be in their class
    This isn't Girl Meets World
  3. They know all the important dates such as when report cards come out
  4. They go to all the parent teacher conferences
  5. They are always willing to help you with your homework
  6. They have the same days off as you when you're a student
  7. They spend most of the weekend making up their lesson plans for the following week
  8. They spend a lot of money on school supplies / materials for their classrooms
  9. They let you waste all their expo markers by drawing on their whiteboard
  10. All your classmates know your parent
  11. They always have funny stories to tell about their students
  12. All their friends are teachers, so you become friends with their friends kids