Oh God. Here we go.
  1. I'm literally not even a little embarrassed about this. Although I don't use it as a reaction photo as often as I wish I did. Kind of like that weird colored blouse you bought from Old Navy 3 years ago but still own because you really will wear it one of these days!!!!!!
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  2. Halloween me was drunk. And hangry.
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  3. Fairly basic autumn-y photo that I planned to Instagram later on. Pretty tho. I still try and be creative in teeny tiny ways. #basic #autumn #fall #Tumblr
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  4. Did all my Halloween makeup and tried to take a cute photo with this dumb asshole. She tried to run away and we needed up making the same face
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  5. It's still close enough to Halloween to brag about my costume, right? Because I was pizza rat. And it was amazing.
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