Instead of studying, these are some things I did. How productive was your day?
  1. Went to the grocery store
    I clearly needed to get groceries for Taco Tuesday 🌮
  2. Snacked on Lay's Kettle Cooked Jalapeño chips
    These are really good and addicting.
  3. Watched Madam Secretary
    I had to find out how Elizabeth deals with that nasty General Kolba. (Only on season 1 episode 8 so no spoilers please! :P)
  4. Took a two hour nap
    And let me tell you, it was great!
  5. Showered
    Maintenance had fixed my tub and it was amazing not having to stand in three inches of dirty water while trying to get clean.
  6. Rearranged my iTunes
    My songs need to have the correct album artwork, genre, etc, before I put it in my phone.
  7. The List App
    Need I say more?