I have to do something to keep myself awake during class ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  1. "Tell your friends to come to class. Tell them I miss them."
    This is the lecture after we had a midterm last week and not many showed up.
  2. "This chalk is awesome by the way."
    He did say he went into teaching to use chalk.
  3. "This (thermos) is one of the best things I have purchased."
    He loves his coffee.
  4. "We have to clean Harry's soul."
    He likes using Harry Potter as a metaphor for polluted statistics.
  5. "I hate these guys: Fashion Island guys with a stroller."
    He goes on to explain a dog stroller, and how they buy $7 treats when they could go to Which Wich and get a sandwich there. He was talking about variance in statistics.
  6. "I'm tired. I need a beer."
    This was after he accidentally gave us the answer to one of the quiz questions.
  7. "It looks like four of you already had a beer."
    When he sees that four students picked the wrong answer even though he just gave us the answer.
  8. "Okay, no child left behind."
    I don't know if he means this to make fun of the program but he always says this before asking a very similar, follow up quiz question.
  9. "Is that how you spell 'disappeared?' I dunno. I didn't have the spelling bee contest in Mexico."
  10. "Sorry if I look uncomfortable. I'm mad at myself because I'm cold."
    He's from the east coast, and says 65°F is considered a nice day back home and not cold.