Dropping another (longer) compilation of my economics professors before finals week! This marks the end of my fall quarter with the trio and I hope to see y'all next quarter with my new professors! 👀 my first list: THINGS MY PROFESSORS HAVE SAID
  1. "I'm excited for you guys. I didn't learn about the backward bending supply curve in college. I learned it on the streets. I mean, graduate school."
  2. "Then the resoolts- 'resoolts?' My Spanish is coming out."
    He was trying to say results, close enough.
  3. "We have data from Don Draper's age."
    It was data from 1975. He also likes Mad Men, like a lot.
  4. "Do women with education participate in the labor force or stay at home...with their knowledge?"
    He was trying to give us hints lol.
  5. "As you can see this question is to penalize those who left before I finished. Just kidding. It's a prize for those who stayed."
    The question was why do we click on options? A) for fun; B) I like to click on things; C) to correct for heteroskedasticity. Best believe ya girl got 💯
  6. "The guy with the sports car- why am I being so gender bias? -the girl with the sports car..."
    Professor 3 has entered the game! It took her a while but she finally decided to join 😂
  7. "Look how much I love you guys: I ran the regression at 1:30 in the morning."
    To be fair he ran it in 2008 but ☕️🐸
  8. "When you watch the movies or read the book, you can think of econometrics 😊"
  9. "Beatiful."
    He didn't say this but he spelled it wrong and I couldn't think of a cheesier pickup line, "You misspelled beautiful, it's missing 'u.'"
  10. "Ooh I like this classroom better."
    This is after she pushes up the white board because our usual classroom only has a stationary one.
  11. "Yes, I can make out if you guys are part of my class."
    This is after she asks these two students if they're in her class and it turns out they aren't, but she's cool enough to let them chill as long as they are disruptive. Paging @ladyprofessor: is this true?!
  12. "If this was a whiteboard, I would circle my mistake in a red marker...I'm actually ashamed of myself right now."
    Ah-ha! Looks like using chalk has backfired 🙃
  13. "I will give you a grammar hint. Even with my bad English, I could get this right."
  14. "You might be wondering why I'm drinking something clear today: it's because I ran out of coffee...well you might not have been wondering but now you know."
  15. "I do like laser pointers."
    It's too bad he forgot to bring it 😪
  16. "I don't remember when I decided that an 8 is 2 circles stacked on top of each's like I'm on my way to draw a snowman."
    He proceeds to draw another circle to make a snowman.
  17. "And by the way, I'm over the 45° mornings. I'm ready for summer."
    Says the professor from the east coast 🙄
  18. "One day I will drink from this water...that is dangerous."
    He's thirsty and there's a random water bottle that's been at the podium at the start of the quarter so he moves it out of the room.
  19. "I'll give you a big hint because I want you all to get it right."
    Proceeds to highlight the section where he already gave us the answer but people still get it wrong 🙊
  20. "If this doesn't work, I'm going to retire...but I'm not retiring today because it's working."
  21. "I'm not on drugs. At this time of day, it looks like I'm on drugs, but I'm not."
    After he wrote "percent wage in wages" instead of percent change.