We all know office culture is bizarre, but these 3 novels feature conspiracies, disappearances, financial and existential crises, and even alien life forms:
  1. Radio Iris by Anne-Marie Kinney (Two Dollar Radio): a quirky, funny, compelling, vaguely sinister, and outright surreal novel dealing with disconnectedness, the residue of childhood trauma, and allegorically, the fallout from the financial crisis.
  2. The Beautiful Bureaucrat by Helen Phillips (Henry Holt): a darker existential journey into the halls of bureaucracy and the way our work can infect our lives (especially when we struggle to find meaning in our daily tasks and struggle to meet our basic physical needs), and how we can only fight despair through human connection.
  3. The Love Monster by Missy Marston (Véhicule Press): a hilariously charming and honest novel about the miseries of our quotidian existence. Margaret H. Atwood (no, not that one) has a bad job, a bad attitude, and a bad skin condition. Oh, and she's observed by an alien. Root for Margaret as she tries to not get fired and to find some happiness.