Yes I've been to your favorite ones too, and no you're wrong mine are better
  1. Nak Won (Korean)
    Shady location, open very late. Get the Jjampong
  2. Cinco de Mayo II by Central Ave (Mexican)
    There are two Cinco de Mayo II's three blocks from each other so make sure you go to the right one. Get the burrito, and have a good combo of working Spanish and patience. It's inside a little market through the produce section.
  3. Pho #1 (Vietnamese)
    The broth is worth leaving the city for. Great service
  4. Stang of Siam (Thai)
    Beautiful spot in Mt Vernon. The shiitake soup is the shiit
  5. Kumari (Indian sit in/ buffet)
    The location in Mt Vernon is nicer but I have a lot of love for the tiny sister location in Federal Hill. Great lunch buffet
  6. Pop Tacos (Korean/Mexican, breakfast)
    Going deep inside the cavernous Cross Street market may be undesirable for most folks, but once you have the breakfast burrito from this stand you'll have a reason to return many times over
  7. Brendali (Italian)
    Little Italy found its competition in an unassuming location in Federal Hill. Come hungry because the portions are insane
  8. Sushi Hana (Japanese)
    While Shoyu is a local favorite, going up 83 could be worth it for the experimental and consistently delicious rolls in either Towson or Mt Washington location
  9. Belvedere Towers Cafe (Indian takeout)
    Incredibly hidden and unattractive location, makes up for it with some of the best Indian in the area. Not a spot to sit at. The Tikka Masala pizza is to die for, if you're feeling uncultured
  10. TenTen Ramen
    The spicy miso broth is actually made of liquidated hopes and dreams mixed with tears of angels