In no particular order.
  1. Laugh.
    It's hard to remember what your laughter sounds like.
  2. Call her on the phone.
    Whenever I hear a new song, something funny, Mom pisses me off, I'm happy, I'm sad
  3. Have her baby sit my son.
    He is so much fun, you'd love him.
  4. Take a vacation somewhere far away.
    It'd be so great at this stage in my life to get on a plane with you and go somewhere together.
  5. Go to happy hour.
    We never got to do this.
  6. Talk about my Mom.
    Did a lot of this, just still more to do.
  7. Watch a movie.
    So many good ones.
  8. Have her over for dinner.
  9. Tell her how much I love her.
    Love you