...aren't the worst.
  1. Walk all the way up to the subway turnstile before you conjure up that metrocard.
    You didn't forget. We all know it. Taking the subway was a pretty specific decision.
  2. Bump into them with your giant bag.
    But if we brush it as we pass, suddenly you feel compelled to treat it like an extension of your body that's never to be touched.
  3. Get off the escalator and don't immediately start walking.
    It's not that it's rude (it is), it's that it's dangerous. Specifically to you! I've already premeditated that I will trample you in this situation to protect myself from the hordes behind me.
  4. Say anything at all about a movie they haven't seen.
    Pro tip: saying "it's not a spoiler" is also kind of a spoiler.