Just recently, it has been announced that Johns Hopkins is offering penis transplants to wounded soldiers. While I suppose that's a good thing, these jokes are too funny to pass up. So here are my top ten jokes.
  1. 10. You see that war veteran? He was born a woman.
  2. 9. I thought they only offered those in Thailand
  3. 8. I always wondered why it was so short
  4. 7. They call it the Reverse Bobbit Operation
  5. 6. Now because of Vietnam, he can't use a urinal
  6. 5. Now because of Vietnam, he can't use a condom
  7. 4. Sadly, we can't offer testicle transplants
  8. 3. I happen to suffer from Post Traumatic Erectile Dysfunction
  9. 2. I forgot to get one of those after my circumcision
  10. 1. You want to know where I was wounded? In my manhood.