We looked at what you may have liked last year and came up with a dozen recommendations, based on genre, theme, style, subject, actor and director. http://wpo.st/olPm0
  1. If you liked Gone Girl . . .
    Then check out Secret in Their Eyes, a darkly twisted psychological thriller starring Julia Roberts.
  2. If you liked Still Alice . . .
    Then check out Miss You Already, another unabashed tear-jerker featuring a strong central female performance.
  3. If you liked Boyhood . . .
    Then check out Victoria, shot in one nearly 2 1/2 -hour take — without digital trickery.
  4. If you liked Kill the Messenger . . .
    Then check out Spotlight, which portrays the real-life Boston Globe journalists who won a Pulitzer Prize for their exposé of sex abuse in the Catholic Church.
  5. If you liked The Interview . . .
    Then check out The Night Before. Both movies co-star Seth Rogen and feature drug use, raunchy humor and foul language.
  6. If you liked The Theory of Everything . . .
    Then check out The Danish Girl, when Eddie Redmayne returns as another character trapped inside his body.
  7. If you liked The Grand Budapest Hotel . . .
    Then check out The Hateful Eight. Both Wes Anderson and Quention Tarantino are directors known for their idiosyncratic styles.