Today the crushing news came down: Hot dogs and bacon have been added to the WHO's list of "highest risk carcinogens." But we found 480 other things WHO has listed as "carcinogenic," "possibly," and "probably" carcinogenic. Read more here:
  1. Asbestos
  2. Coal
    Also, indoor emissions; gasification; coal-tar distillation; coal-tar pitch.
  3. Viruses
    Epstein-Barr, chronic infection with Hepatitis B or C, HIV type 1, HPV types 16, 18, 31, 33, 35, 39, 45, 51, 52, 56, 58, 59 and 66.
  4. Hormonal contraceptives containing both estrogen and progestogen
  5. Ethanol in alcoholic drinks
  6. Formaldehyde
  7. Herbal remedies containing plant species of the genus Aristolochia
    Also known as birthwort and sometimes used as a disinfectant.
  8. Mustard gas
    AKA sulfar mustard.
  9. Outdoor air pollution
  10. Solar radiation
  11. Tobacco, smoking, and second-hand smoke
  12. Processed meat
  13. Androgenic steroids
    Often used to stimulate muscles.
  14. Glyphosate
    Contained in Roundup and other insecticides or herbicides.
  15. Occupational exposure as a hairdresser or in petroleum refining
  16. Shift work that disrupts sleep patterns
  17. Red meat
  18. Pickled vegetables
  19. Dry cleaning, occupational exposure
  20. Welding fumes