These are real things that have been said on real dates in this humble city of D.C. via Solo-ish:
  1. “I’m really good at first dates.”
    Uttered by Solo-ish editor Lisa Bonos. Maybe show, don't tell?
  2. “I want to be a Thought Leader.”
    Nothing says arrogance like a made-up job title that means: "I’m really smart. I’m going to make a career out of being trenchant and controversial on panel discussions, on television and in bestselling books I’ve yet to write."
  3. “I’ve been to 98 countries.”
    Travel snobbery is classic D.C. The above comment was uttered on a date with a Solo-ish contributor, and it says: "I’m worldly and sophisticated. Don’t believe me? Check my passport — I just had extra pages added."
  4. “Is it weird for you, living in D.C. and not having been to grad school?”
    Is it weird for you, having a mountain of student debt?
  5. “I’ll get this — you’re poor.”
    No matter how obvious it is that there’s an income disparity between you and your date, there’s no need to point it out, especially if you’re the higher earner.