The Washington Nationals introduced new manager Dusty Baker on Thursday morning (for real, this time), the sixth in the team's short history. He is a very interesting man.
  1. His name is Dusty.
    Well, not really. His legal name is Johnnie B. Baker, but his mother called him Dusty because he was always dirty as a child.
  2. A former all-star outfielder
    He won them both with the Dodgers, but also played with the Braves, Athletics and Giants.
  3. Three-time National League Manager of the Year with the Giants
    He has a .526 winning percentage as a major league skipper with the Giants, Cubs and Reds. His 1,671 wins rank him 17th all-time in the majors.
  4. One of only two current minority managers in the MLB
    Joins Fredi Gonzalez, who is Latino, of the Braves.
  5. Had a hand in inventing the high five(!)
    In 1977, Baker headed back to the dugout after a home run and teammate Glenn Burke held up his hand. Baker hit Burke’s hand with his, not knowing what else to do. In that moment, legend has it, the high-five was born.
  6. Allegedly smoked a joint with Jimi Hendrix