Apps to help you create your shopping list, find a parking spot, entertain your kids, and squeeze in a bit of relaxation.
  1. Santa’s Bag Christmas Gift List
    This shopping list manager will keep track of your holiday shopping and even help you stick to your budget along the way.
  2. Park Whiz
    With ParkWhiz you can find and book a parking spot before you even get in your vehicle.
  3. Slice
    Slice will track your packages and even provide sales alerts on products you have already purchased.
  4. Super Dance Elf
    This app is a great way to keep the kids occupied as you get through your holiday to-do’s.
  5. Buddhify
    Buddhify provides more than 50 guided meditations for daily activities such as being online, traveling, taking a work break, and sleeping.
  6. Drizly
    Alcohol delivered straight to your door from the touch of a button on your phone.
  7. Gas Buddy
    If you are road tripping this holiday season, you should check out the Gas Buddy app.