7 Apps to Help You Enjoy and Get Through the Holiday Season

Apps to help you create your shopping list, find a parking spot, entertain your kids, and squeeze in a bit of relaxation. http://wpo.st/njix0
  1. Santa’s Bag Christmas Gift List
    This shopping list manager will keep track of your holiday shopping and even help you stick to your budget along the way. http://apple.co/1tLSLfb
  2. Park Whiz
    With ParkWhiz you can find and book a parking spot before you even get in your vehicle. http://bit.ly/1kqkdW9
  3. Slice
    Slice will track your packages and even provide sales alerts on products you have already purchased. http://bit.ly/12DcgvE
  4. Super Dance Elf
    This app is a great way to keep the kids occupied as you get through your holiday to-do’s. http://apple.co/1zYvyX5
  5. Buddhify
    Buddhify provides more than 50 guided meditations for daily activities such as being online, traveling, taking a work break, and sleeping. http://bit.ly/1okUd1b
  6. Drizly
    Alcohol delivered straight to your door from the touch of a button on your phone. http://driz.ly/1N17IUQ
  7. Gas Buddy
    If you are road tripping this holiday season, you should check out the Gas Buddy app. http://bit.ly/1dw5DRn