Make use of your day by decluttering, organizing, and getting things done!
  1. End-of-year giving
    Write a list of organizations and causes that are important to you, consider your budget and designate an amount to give to each. Once you’ve made your decisions, the actual giving part will be fast and easy.
  2. Discard old magazines, newspapers and catalogues
    Spend 30 minutes going through old newspapers, magazines and catalogues and recycling outdated issues.
  3. Check something off your to-do list
    Choose one or two things on your to-do list that you’ve been putting off and complete them, like sending that belated birthday card to your aunt, finally hanging a piece of art or boxing up items to be returned.
  4. Get out those old photos
    If you have a cabinet or box filled with old pictures that need to be organized, pull them out! You don’t have to organize them or even look at all of them. But you’re hanging on to them because they hold important memories, so why not enjoy them?
  5. Test-drive a new recipe
    If there’s a recipe you’ve been hoping to make for the holidays, tomorrow is the perfect day to give it a try. You can only eat so many leftovers.
  6. Tackle one or two projects around the house
    Choose something that can be completed in a few hours or by the end of the day.
  7. Purge toys
    If you have children, go through their toys and gather things to donate before the onslaught of toys arrives during the December holidays.