A Visual Walk Through the Underground Railroad

This project by Jeanine Michna-Bales, “Through Darkness to Light,” seeks to illuminate what it would have been like to be an escaped slave traveling north to freedom on the Underground Railroad. Here are some of the images from her project.
  1. “Decision to Leave” Magnolia Plantation on the Cane River, Louisiana, 2013
  2. “Cypress Swamp,” Middle Mississippi, 2014
  3. “Eagle Hollow From Hunter’s Bottom” Just Across the Ohio River, Indiana, 2014
  4. “Devil’s Backbone,” Lewis County, Tennessee, 2014
  5. “Hidden Passage,” Mammoth Cave; Barren County, Kentucky, 2014
  6. “The River Jordan,” the first view of a Free State; Crossing the Ohio River to Indiana, 2014.
  7. “Follow the Drinking Gourd,” Jefferson County, Indiana, 2013
  8. “Liberty to the Fugitive Captive,” Waiting for the All Clear to Head to the Captain John Lowry Station; Lodi Plains Cemetery; Nutting’s Corner, Michigan, 2014
  9. “Concealed in the Fog” Near Jonesville, Michigan, 2014
  10. “Dr. Lott’s House,” Georgetown District of Madison, Indiana, 2013
  11. Read more about the project and see more images here: http://wapo.st/20EVHZa