It’s almost Halloween, which means that for many its time to find as many ways as possible to scare yourself on the Internet — or at least get thoroughly creeped out. Here are some of the Washington Post staff's top picks. Read more:
  1. Scientology conspiracy Wikipedia
    The “Church of Scientology” page leads to the “Operation Snow White” page which leads to the “Operation Freakout” page which Oh my God leads to a bout of 4 a.m. paranoia that somewhere in your small and simple life you have crossed the Church of Scientology and it is coming for you, to blot your identity from government records and to frame you for insanity and to forbid you from making any Tom Cruise joke ever again. Start here:
  2. Night vision YouTube videos
    Terrifying but in a “Blair Witch” way – this community of shaky hand-held YouTube videos supposedly documents paranormal attacks, ranging from Slender Man sightings to live alien autopsies.
  3. The Bong-Chon Dong Ghost comic
    It serves up a variation on a classic theme—the eerie late-night encounter—enhanced by a clever use of technology (make sure you have audio, flash and javascript enabled).
  4. Creepy text-based adventure games
    The games themselves are little self-contained rabbit holes of fantastical dread. Try out "The Uncle Who Works for Nintendo," a game that uses childhood friendship as its unlikely starting point.
  5. AskReddit thread: What is the best horror story you can come up with in two sentences?
    In this thread, users submit the scariest, shortest stories they can think of. Some are original and others, like many ghost stories, are versions of something we’ve all heard around a campfire.
  6. Weird horror video games and disturbing creepypastas
    “Sad Satan” is a good example. It seems to have come from nowhere, and it’s like some weird, deeply unsettling art project we can’t seem to look away from.
  7. Underground World News
    Underground World News is the Web site of popular YouTube conspiracy vlogger DAHBOO7, who is convinced, among other things, that military helicopters are watching his house.
  8. Twitter dot com
    "I opened it up seven years ago and I haven’t been able to close it since. Please send help."