Dry ice is a fun way to infuse some holiday spookiness into your cocktails — but it can be tricky business getting it right. Read our full article here: http://wapo.st/1i9dfeG
  1. If a guy asks if he can get high off your dry ice, don’t serve one to him!
  2. Use food-grade dry ice.
  3. Use gloves or tongs to handle the dry ice.
    Basic safety, people!
  4. For the love of Pete (whoever Pete is), do not swallow the ice.
    Lest we forget, dry ice is not actually ice.
  5. Don’t put it down someone’s back.
    No need to be cold-hearted.
  6. Don’t have too much left over. There, madness lies.
    You end up asking yourself questions like, "What happens if you put dry ice in your coffee? How will the dog react to seeing dry ice in her water bowl? What happens if you put dry ice in the toilet?"