The bad news is a blizzard is headed smack at us. The good news is that you still have 48 hours to prepare for the one to two feet of snow weather forecasters are talking about.
  1. Stock up on de-icing salt and sand.
    Put a little salt down on your front walk and sidewalks a couple of hours before it starts snowing. When it starts to snow, the salt will activate and start to melt it. Have sand handy for after the storm so you can sprinkle patches of ice or crusty snow.
  2. Pull out your snow blower
    If you have time, consider getting some extra parts for it, such as shear pins, bolts or clips, so you have them on hand if something should break and you can’t get out to the hardware or big box store.
  3. Check your gutters
    Hopefully you had your gutters cleaned when the last of the fall leaves came down. If not, call and beg your gutter cleaner to come right now. At least clear out the pile of leaves at the bottom of your downspouts so that the melting snow can drain out to prevent ice damming.
  4. Get ready for the big meltdown
    Test your sump pump by dumping five gallons of water around it to see whether it activates. Install plastic window well covers or at least put up plastic with tape on top of your wells to try and keep the melting water from seeping into your basement windows.
  5. Store water
    If the power goes out and you need force to flush your toilet, you’ll want to have water stockpiled. Buy three or four five-gallon buckets with lids, fill them, and keep them in your basement. If you can’t get out to buy the buckets, fill your bathtubs. Or do both.
  6. Prepare your snow shovel
    Before you start clearing snow, spray the top of your shovel with nonstick cooking spray. Then the snow will slide right off of it when you throw it to the side. No sticking.
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