Apple has released details about new features coming in its iOS 9.3 system, offering lots of small changes aimed at improving your life with your Apple device. Here are some of the highlights:
  1. "Night Shift"
    This feature will change the type of light coming from your devices depending on the time of day. It will also let you set a schedule for how you want your display to change throughout the day, if you don't want it to be automatic.
  2. Apple's Health updates
    The new version of the app will look more like the "Activity" app for the Apple Watch and will display how much you've moved, exercised and sat throughout the day. It will also link you to apps that will work with the health data you're viewing.
  3. Password protection for Notes
    Because we definitely, definitely need this.
  4. Extra 3D Touch shortcuts to apps like Weather and Settings
  5. CarPlay updates
    The software will now include suggestions from Apple Music, and will also include its Nearby places suggestions.
  6. The company has not announced when the new system will be released to the general public, but a version of iOS 9.3 is already available on its developer site.
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