Let's make Valentines Day great again. http://wpo.st/0JBA1
  1. "Happy -redacted- day."
    0214 valentine01 b wp
  2. "The United States of Loving You."
    0214 valentine24 b wp
  3. "Feel the Bern."
    0214 valentine13 b wp
  4. "In our love caucus, you win my heart."
    0214 valentine18 b wp
  5. "Let's make Valentine's Day great again."
    0214 valentine20 b wp
  6. "You're making me Rand-y."
    0214 valentine23 b wp
  7. "Everyone is talking about Marco Rubio's boots ... "
    0214 valentine25 b wp
  8. "You're my primary squeeze."
    0214 valentine26 b wp
  9. "Don't Barack my heart."
    0214 valentine16 b wp
  10. "Jeb! can fix it."
    0214 valentine14 b wp
  11. "You've been Cruz-ing around my mind all day."
    0214 valentine11 b wp