Some of Our Favorite Peeps Contest Entries!

We announce the winner tomorrow! See all the semifinalists here:
  1. Adele peep
    Adele Peep Sings Out to all her Peeps By Franco Ciammachilli, 34, Capitol Hill. A reenactment of Adele’s record-breaking “Hello” video, with Adele Peep in the woods near an iconic British phone booth. (Franco Ciammachilli)
  2. The Ernest Shacklepeep Expedition Escapes the Icy Jaws of Antarctica
    By Janet Heins, 82, Kensington. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Shacklepeep Expedition. With their ship trapped in the Antarctic ice, crushed and eventually sunk, the crew escaped by lifeboats; all would eventually make it to safety. The diorama shows the Shacklepeeps preparing the lifeboats for their daring journey. The peepguins watching are glad to see them go. Jim Heins
  3. Marshmallow Mobama Goes to PeepCycle
    By Barbara Martin, 45, Bethesda, Md. Mobama says “Let’s move!” to her phalanx of Secret Service agents joining her at a PeepCycle class.
  4. A Peep Inside (Out) Donald J. Trump
    By Alex Baker, 36, Mary Clare, Peate, 35, and Leslie Eldridge, 31, Washington. The creators imagined the hit Pixar movie "Inside Out" starring GOPeep frontrunner Donald Trump. Anger, Fear, and Disgust run the show in the blinged-out brain, while Joy and Sadness are relegated to the other side of the (border) wall. (Alex Baker)
  5. Peepilton the Musical!
    By Aviva Kempner, 69. Washington and Sara Chase, 35, New York. Peepilton is Broadway's hottest new musical! It takes luck to get tickets to this show about our Founding Peeps! (Aviva Kempner)
  6. Peeps' Day at the Beach
    By Stephen Brundage, 45, Patricia Brundage, 45, and Nevan Brundage, 10, Silver Spring. Special Peeps' Day at The Beach at The National Building Museum.This summer's blockbuster Million Ball Beach at the National Building Museum attracted more than 180,000 visitors, and long lines. Captured in this Peeps' Day diorama are Peeps diving in, relaxing on beach chairs, enjoying some yummy treats such as Peepsicles and Lollipeeps from the Marshmallow Cafe. (Stephen Brundage)