The Polaroids of Chris Earnshaw

He kept thousands of Polaroids in shoeboxes, and no one knew they existed— until now. Explore more of his images below, and read the story here:
  1. Chris Earnshaw was a street photographer in Washington, DC.
  2. He loved instant film, Polaroids and disposable cameras.
  3. The city architecture fascinated him.
  4. As did the transformation of neighborhoods in DC, New York and Philadelphia.
  5. Throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s, he documented cities in transition.
  6. He kept the photos in shoeboxes, tied with rubber bands and hidden away from sight.
  7. Then several years ago, Earnshaw took thousands of these Polaroids to Joe Mills, a Georgetown printmaker.
  8. Joe flipped through the photos and couldn’t believe what he saw.
  9. As he described it: “It was like stumbling on Tutankhamun’s grave.”