In the first episode of Presidential, a new podcast by The Washington Post, host Lily Cunningham sets up Library of Congress historian Julie Miller with the perfect hypothetical. Be sure to listen and subscribe; Presidential will explore the legacies of 44 presidents in the 44 weeks leading up to Election Day.
  1. He's a total babe.
    The man was really, really good looking. Wooden teeth and all. Give your friend who set up this blind date a pat on the back.
  2. He'll be dressed to the nines.
    Our first president favored fashionable clothing from England.
  3. He may out-dance you.
    George Washington was "very much a man of the 18th century," a gentleman whose social graces were of the highest order. Prepare to be impressed.
  4. He's a pretty emotional guy, which can be charming.
    But that also don't means get on his bad side. He had a temper when it came to people who owed him money.
  5. He'll tell you you're out of his league.
    Washington was often open about his own self-doubt when it came to the presidency, and was rather insecure when it came to his qualifications. But the public loved his modesty.
  6. He very well may ask you to go Dutch.
    Washington was not a particularly rich guy.
  7. He'll jump in front of a runaway carriage for you if need be.
    The man exhibited fearlessness "to an astonishing degree."
  8. He may pick a fight with a guy who looks at you the wrong way.
    Washington tended to instigate a lot of trouble.
  9. If you've got money, expect a second date.
    Washington was calculating in a sense when it came to his marriage to Martha. "He didn't marry Martha Washington just for her money, but he married her for her money," as Miller puts it.