For women’s history month, The Washington Post is opening up our archives to resurface profiles of interesting women — as written by interesting women. Explore more with #womenbywomen on Twitter, and share your favorites using the hashtag.
  1. At 90, Alice Roosevelt Longworth didn't care who she offended in this mean, funny 1974 interview
    Written by Sally Quinn:
  2. How Sandra Day O'Connor became the most powerful woman in 1980s America
    Written by Marjorie Williams:
  3. In 1989, Alice Walker had so much wisdom about love, literary success and hair care
    Written by Donna Britt:
  4. 25 years ago, Madonna was hitting peak Madonna — and sharing every last secret
    Written by Martha Sherrill:
  5. In 1983, the women's movement was changing. But Gloria Steinem stood her ground
    Written by Elisabeth Bumiller:
  6. The moment of existential terror that helped Maya Angelou find her way
    Written by Lynn Darling: