Wow (a Request)

We asked for list questions and you guys delivered! We're digging into a bunch of these and will start publishing ASAP. In the meantime, keep us company by sharing a photo of what you're seeing RIGHT NOW.
  1. We'll go first -- working out of the Dupont Circle Dolcezza today on account of the snow. Great ~ambience but expensive coffee.
  2. Office window view with my Ovechkin bobblehead ❤️
    Suggested by   @dubstep
  3. Ft. Olive
    I've been on list app so long, my laptop went into slumber mode.
    Suggested by   @olive
  4. Working from home
    Suggested by   @LizDawson
  5. Chilling at panera with two cool kiddos while their mama has a photo shoot.
    Suggested by   @simplyshelli
  6. Laundry
    Suggested by   @alligeeshow
  7. Working from home
    With sleeping cat
    Suggested by   @andersun
  8. The beautiful snowy wasteland that Greenpoint is right now
    Suggested by   @maggiebard
  9. View from my office
    That's not a nice house with a flowery lawn. That's a cemetery. The flowers mark graves. (Do I win for most depressing view? ⚰)
    Suggested by   @jhope71
  10. My home office
    That's not too many electronic devices on at once, right? RIGHT? 😉
    Suggested by   @ChrisK
  11. At work
    With my toys and my daughter's art.
    Suggested by   @loriatx
  12. Sitting at my desk in my art room, post-students (aka the calm after the storm)
    Suggested by   @LauraM
  13. My coffee table.
    Suggested by   @biz
  14. Coffee and a book!
    Suggested by   @dltompkins1
  15. reviewing proposals for work
    Suggested by   @stanfordstar
  16. Lunch break at work.
    Suggested by   @bethklustter