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This is a shoe review 🔫🔫🔫🔫
  1. This is the stan smith shoe I didn't realize how much the l.ist app crops an image
    There are 4 features I am going to be talking about in this review, durability, comfort, and sizing.
  2. Durability
    This is the wear after around 10 hours. The initial color wore off to show the leather after the first 10 tricks. This shoe is likely to last another 10 hours of skating before an ollie hole appears. Kickflip hole will likely appear a bit faster. The laces blew out at the 5 hour mark and do affect the comfort of the shoe. I suggest having backup laces or the shoe loses it's snug fit. This wear would likely never happen for pedestrians but, note that the shoes crease after a week of walking.
  3. Durability continued
    This is the shoe's sole after 10 hours. The wear is very minimal and will likely last much longer. For the average person who doesn't skate you could expect it to reach this state after about year or so of walking/normal activities.
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  1. I don't
    This is my secret and I'm willing to let this community suffer from 4or 5 more users because list is my precious and I wants to keep my precious away from other people.
  1. Barber:So what do you want done with your hair?
    Me: Uhhh kinda short on the sides, actually I want a #2 on the side and medium length on top. Actually here's a picture.
  2. Barber:Ok. Sure. (Starts cutting)
  3. (5 minutes of silence pass)
    Thoughts:Do I talk to him? I really don't want to talk to him. Ok I just won't say anything.
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Write down anything I missed in the comments below.
  1. Play Skate 3
  2. Sleep
  3. Eat... Like a lot
    Maybe that's just me
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I like music a lot so I'm starting a small series
  1. This is the soundtrack off a great film called Submarine. My favorite song off the album would be Piledriver Waltz.
  2. Pryde is a rapper from Canada. He recently came out with an album after dropping his record label and is now an independent artist. I suggest Lost and Found interlude.
  3. Dumbfoundead is an artist on the rise this is one pf his first albums. Check out, Crushing Limbs.
  1. Everyone with a dslr thinks they're a photographer, and feels the need to add that one filter ( I call it the 13thwitness filter)everyone uses to make their photo look cooler.
  2. The closer you get the cooler it seems.
  3. The background sometimes is more important than the subject itself.
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  1. Open list app
  2. Scroll through articles till you find one you like
  3. Tap on article
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Overall concerts are great but personally I enjoy rap concerts more just based on the fact that It gets turnt every song.
  1. Rap concert vs Alternative
  2. Rap concerts are always full of energy even in the "slower paced" songs. Everyone is jumping or head bobbing etc. Alternative concerts have energy but its the definition of mellow and usually stays that way. Don't expect to turn up at one of these unless your drunk off you're arse.
  3. More interaction seemingly in rap concerts, there's jumping, hand bobbing, heads bobbing to the beat, flashlights, arm waving, and sometimes crowd surfing🏄🏿. Alternative concerts I mainly just saw head bobbing and arm waving and most of the time flashlight waving.
  4. Eye contact isn't as weird for some reason for me at rap concerts. I feel more of a connection and feel more into the artist's vibe. Alternative concerts whenever I make eye contact with the artist I feel weird since its so mellow and it feels like the pretty girl across the classroom caught me checking her out.
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  1. Woody Allen
    Great Director and Actor
  2. Austyn Gillette
    Proffessional Skateboarder, seems like a funny guy hope he gets on WKND
  3. Wu tang( I'm counting it as one person you can too.)
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