I skateboard so I am pretty much trouble in everyones eye. @wikiHow
  1. So I frequent my local Starbucks like many people but, I happen to be the cheap person who never buys anything but asks for water instead.(Water is free in the Starbucks I go to)
  2. There is an employee who works there that always gives off the vibe that he dislikes me.
  3. I order water as usual and a different "barista" serves me. My friend and I hang out at a table.
  4. After a while I decide to leave to go skate again but, here comes the action, I decide why not do a trick in the store. I fail to land the trick and made a large commotion as well.
  5. The barista then proceeds to give us sign to leave and we decide to leave. It is raining out so we don't want to go straight to the skate spot just yet, and decide on skating in front of the Starbucks.
  6. After awhile I make eye contact witht the barista and he gave off the look he was annoyed but didnt care enough but after 5 min he comes out and says...
  7. I am calling the sheriff its prohibited to skate in this plaza and you need to leave.
  8. We say," Alright we are leaving sorry."
  9. He starts to walk back inside but catches glance at my water cup, "Thanks for fucking picking up after yourselves."
  10. I yell "Sorry." And walk away bummed, I got kicked out of Starbucks and I forgot to clean up after myself. My water had betrayed me and there is no way I am going back to that Starbucks unless I feel like finding spit or some other substance in my drink.
  11. I wanna apologize to that barista again and give him props for not taking any of my antics. But @Starbucks if you could just ask your employees to ask customers to clean up after themselves instead of cussing at them and throwing away their trash, I wouldn't be as bummed
  12. I would have gladly left if he told me to just not skate in that vicinity or to come back and pickup my trash.