1. Everyone with a dslr thinks they're a photographer, and feels the need to add that one filter ( I call it the 13thwitness filter)everyone uses to make their photo look cooler.
  2. The closer you get the cooler it seems.
  3. The background sometimes is more important than the subject itself.
  4. Bring extra batteries
  5. Always keep your camera on your person, don't leave it in your car.
  6. Don't expect to produce amazing photos your first year. Practice makes perfect.
  7. The more you shoot the better you get.
  8. You can always practice on friends. Everyone's trying to update their 2 week old Instagram profile picture.
  9. Don't shoot photography solely for the possibility of getting famous and rich.
  10. Better gear doesn't always mean better photos.
  11. Landscape photography is harder than it seems.
  12. Film is expensive.
  13. Set a goal for yourself( I want to make a zine by the end of the year.)
  14. Ask for help from other photographers.
  15. Everyone shoots their own thing some people shoot landscape and some people shoot sports, it isn't necessarily bad to shoot one thing if you enjoy it.
  16. Broaden your horizon and find what you like.
  17. Get comfortable with your gear.
  18. Just cause DigitalRevtv said it's great doesn't mean it's the best for you.