I would be a HARSH RULER!
  1. Reality TV is outlawed
    Anyone who appeared on The Bachelorette The Bachelor Survivor or any show of that kind will immediately be given a life sentence in prison no parole! The creators or hosts of the shows will be executed.
  2. No more Transformers movies
    I think this storyline has played out.
  3. No more daylight savings
    The time is the time we do not manipulate it by going up and back.
  4. School will be year round
    Until you graduate high school you need to be learning about life. Not just basics but art, music, exercise. A well rounded life. Also everyone must take classes in mechanics house care cooking sewing writing checks getting a job.
  5. College is free for all
    Anyone desiring to go to college can for free. If you want to go straight into the working world you will be given free training in any profession you wish.
  6. The legal system will be brand new
    No more prosecutor or defense. Both sides work together to find the TRUTH! NO more in admissible evidence if it's evidence it is in. And judges must explain their rulings. They will not be impeached just fired on the spot.
  7. Sports teams pay for their own DAMN STADIUMS
    If you are rich enough to own a sports team don't go begging poor people to help you out.
  8. There will be one late night talk show
    Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Conan Obrien each get a night.
  9. MTV has to play music again and only music
    I mean this one is a no brainer!