1. Adam Sandler
    He has made a movie career out speech impediments, glorifying stupidity, screaming at odd moments, and pretending he is an athlete.
  2. Carlos Mencia
    He has made a career out of saying he tells it like it is but he is just mean. I understand making funny voices can get laughs but someone who is disabled is not my first choice.
  3. Johnny Knoxville
    A man who has begun his career hurting himself and others is still a huge mystery to me. And now he is an "actor" I still find him painful to watch.
  4. Kevin James
    He has been on tv for so long people may have forgotten he was a stand up comic first. But he was never ground breaking or original. Just jokes about his weight and food. His show was not something I enjoyed either even though it had Patton Oswalt who is a freaking genius!
  5. Ben Stiller
    Never got this guy! His movies suck so much! And he is hailed as a genius. Don't get him.