Ayo, I buy shit way early. Sometimes it works out.
  1. The Food Lab cookbook: Kenji is the god of home food science. Pro tip: Google any food with Kenji and you'll be safe if he's done it. I have digital and paper copies, best gift for anyone who likes food :p.
  2. Mophie charging dock: If you have a charge case, eliminating shoving some eroding usb pin in to your most personal device is key. I personally enjoy the extra weight of the case and security of extra snapchat time. Desk, bed table and one for travel if you're nasty. Cables should only be worn as fashion accessories until they invent flat plugs.
  3. Poke Bowls: if you want to open the raw fish chipotle outside of Hawaii and Los Angeles, I'll give you all of my money? This is one trend that should dominate New York lunch scene.
  4. Amazon echo: every day I ask "Alexa," my personal robot, the weather, to turn on (and off) my lights, news, and to play NPR, or music. Siri is a JOKE.
  5. Sun Ramen Kit: the most used noodles at your favorite restaurant are available as fresh noodle packs at whole foods for 5 bucks. BUT THAT'S LIKE 5x more than college ramen! Yea, and 5 billion times better. I never thought I would have good ramen (noodles) at home.