We all know The Rock is the most underrated entertainer of the century- let us consider the rolls he should've played.
  1. Albus Dumbledore - Harry Potter 3-7.5
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    What if after Richard Harris died, instead of going the predictable route with Michael Gambon, they threw a curveball and cast Dwayne!!!
  2. Pappas - Point Break
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    Sure, Gary Busey played a convincing washed up detective, but imagine if it was Dwayne scolding Keanu on that Hollywood hill top.
  3. Seabiscuit - Seabiscuit
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    Take a minute to think about half blind Toby McGuire getting a piggyback to victory from a sprinting Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.
  4. Gordon Gekko - Wall Street
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    Consider it now- Michael Douglas replaced by Dwayne!
  5. Rosalie Mullens - School of Rock
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    Although Joan Cusack does a great skittish principal, imagine strong and mighty Dwayne as the principal. Talk about the school of hard knocks!
  6. Romeo Montague - Romeo + Juliet
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    Good job Leo, but not good enough! Picture Dwayne speaking the Shakespearean tongue alongside Claire Danes! An oddity of the ages to say the least, but I an smell an Oscar!
  7. Dominic Toretto, Brian O'Connor, Roman Pearce, Letty, Mia and Tej - The Fast And The Furious Franchise
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    We know! Dwayne does great playing Luke Hobbs. But imagine an Eddie Murphy and The Klumps approach to this franchise- let Dwayne play every role! Get to work you makeup department you, he doesn't look like Michelle Rodriguez just yet!