Nov 6 - 8
  1. Work from home Friday
  2. Pedi at Bella Linda on California street
  3. Take Winnie my dog for evening walk in presidio
  4. Finally shower
  5. Call lyft find wallet in back seat
  6. Return wallet to dude outside of cal-mart
  7. Deep dish pizza at little star on divisidero
  8. Watch first episode of master of none in bed with Winnie
  9. Saturday - sleep in read all of Mindy k and bj's lists on list app
  10. Make this weekend list
  11. Napa road trip with Winnie and family
  12. Take out lunch at Thomas Keller's addendum
  13. Drink rose
  14. Meet and greet with Leon bridges ❤️❤️❤️
  15. Meet up with my squad for pre-show drinks
  16. Leon bridges at the Fillmore ❤️❤️❤️
  17. Sunday brunch at out the door on bush
  18. The rest of weekend is still pending but I bet it includes a lot more aziz ansari
  19. Listen to Hamilton soundtrack