Take the last two days of the week to the next level with this set of tips, courtesy of Sweet editors.
  1. Make Every Important Decision With a Coin Flip
    Any time you’re confronted with a decision, just take out a coin and let it lead the way.
  2. The Anti-Brunch Proposal
    You skip brunch (sorry!) and opt to host Sunday supper instead.
  3. Instagram Roulette
    Open up Instagram, give your feed a few hearty swipe-ups, then stop it with your finger. Whatever Instagram it lands on is going to inspire your next step. Your sister is doing yoga? Time to get out the mat! Your BFF is at a picnic? Crash it! Anthony Bourdain is making pancakes? Butter up the pan! You get the idea—this is about crowdsourcing your plans.
  4. Be a Tourist in Your Own Town
    It’s the classic issue: You never go to your own town’s tourist sites—you might not even know where to start. That’s where a good old-fashioned walking tour comes in.
  5. The Don’t Have a Plan Plan
    Put on some comfy shoes, grab a friend you haven't seen in awhile (or one you have), pick a place to meet, and just walk and talk. Don’t pick an activity, a route, or a destination—just pick a direction and go. If you use the time to catch up, you won't pay attention to where you’re headed, but you are guaranteed to walk somewhere you haven’t been before, or end up somewhere that will leave you pleasantly surprised. Make quick decisions about which way to go.
  6. Free Day
    This one is pretty simple. You’re not allowed to spend any money! How fun! While it sounds incredibly restricting, it actually can lead you to do some pretty cool stuff. Concocting a brunch for friends with whatever’s in your pantry? Free. Hitting up a street fair on the Upper West Side of Manhattan? Also free. Walking the Promenade Plantée, the railway-turned-walkway off of the Bastille metro stop in Paris? 100 percent free of charge. Not spending a dime forces you to really put some effort in.
  7. Feeling Very Lucky
    Having trouble forcing yourself out of your comfort zone, or just getting out of your apartment? Gamify your adventures using Google’s “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Want to go to a museum? Type “museum” and—this is very important—your location, then click “I’m Feeling Lucky.” Whatever destination comes up first, you have to go. No excuses. This works for “burritos,” “cooking class,” “film screening,” and anything else you can come up with.
  8. Brunch Crawl
    Why go to just one great restaurant when you can try them all?
  9. Netflix and Skills
    Pick one of the documentaries in your Netflix queue and watch it beginning to end. Once you’re done, take one thing you’ve learned, research it more, and then see how you can apply it to your life.
  10. Live Your Dream
    Every morning throughout the week, write down your dreams in a journal. Come Sunday, recreate the best moments.