Into plants but not dirt? Want to add some greenery to your life, but can’t remember to water something to save your life? We have the answer to all of your green-thumb woes.
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    What kind of air plants should I buy?
    There are over 600 species of air plants, which come in all different colors—green, pink, red, and even silver. So which one is right for you? If your top priority is longevity, go with a fuzzy Caput Medusae or a colorful Aeranthos Negra. If you’re looking for brilliant color, try Ionantha Maxima Huam or Red Abdita.
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    How do I keep my air plants alive?
    Don’t overthink it. Just put them in a bright spot and then give them a few squirts of water every now and then. Experts recommend misting twice a week—though we contend, from experience, that you can get away with even less.
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    How should I display my air plants?
    Pop them in a pretty wine glass, hang them from a glass globe with some sand and moss, or just set them on a shelf to bring some nature into your home.
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    Will my air plant grow flowers?
    When picking out your plants, you should keep in mind that air plants bloom when they are nearing the end of their life. So, if you buy a flowering air plant, it won’t last forever—though it can last a good few months.