Hello, perfect bathrobe.
  1. Hôtel Costes: Home Fragrance White, $44
    Scent is by far the best pathway to sensory memory, so why not bring a dose of Paris home with you. This fragrance by Hôtel Costes combines ginger with notes of fleur-de-lis, resulting in a clean, springtime aroma.
  2. The Raleigh: Alexandra Von Furstenberg: Blooming Vase Fearless, $275
    A beautiful way to display your flowers seems a fitting treat to bring home from Miami. These elegantly simple vases by Alexandra Von Furstenberg provide a simple way to infuse some of the city’s vibrant colors into your home.
  3. Ace Hotel: Atelier Ace x Dean Markley Guitar Strings, $12
    Dean Markley—creator of the Voice Box pedal made famous by the one and only Peter Frampton—has been making guitar strings since 1972, and created this custom set just for the Ace.
  4. Hotel Saint Cecilia: Comb, $10
    A simple take on an old-fashioned tool seems like a perfect way to remember Austin, a city full of innovative interpretations of traditional Texan fare.
  5. Big Cedar Lodge: Feather Bed, $135
    A good night’s sleep can be elusive while traveling, and the bed at Missouri’s Big Cedar Lodge may very well be the provider of the best sleep we’ve ever had. This feather bed—just put it on top of the mattress, under the sheet—allows you to recreate the experience.
  6. The Standard: Blacklight Nudie Cards, $35
    In designing this deck of cards, made exclusively for The Standard, artist Ryan McGinness was inspired by previous figure studies of his own, the Kama Sutra, and the age-old nudie-card tradition.
  7. The Dorchester: Old Tom Gin, $98
    Each bottle of this gin—created exclusively for London’s tony Dorchester hotel by their award-winning bar manager Giuliano Morandin—is signed, hand-numbered, and sealed with black wax.
  8. Chicago Athletic Association: Hotel Bathrobe, $150
    The bathrobes you’ll find in the rooms of the Chicago Athletic Association hotel are styled after those boxers wear to enter the ring—only this one is basically a full-body sweatshirt. Chicago knows a thing or two about cold, and this thing will definitely keep you cozy, even on the chilliest of mornings.