Lost your chill? Peace and quiet is a download away.
  1. The Diverse Selection: Omvana
    Omvana has over 500 guided meditation tracks to choose from. Seeking out a practice for a specific purpose? Whether it be hypnosis, focus, inspiration, or relationships, you’ll find it in this vast library. The most listened-to tracks center on finding your life’s purpose, clearing negativity, seeking a deep sleep, and ending procrastination. All things, we imagine, that you like as much as we do.
  2. The Mystical Route: Dharma Seed
    Since the early 1980s, Dharma Seed has collected talks and teachings surrounding Theravada Buddhism, all of which can be downloaded through their app. These come in many languages and all focus on mediation as a way to gain mental skillfulness and insight.
  3. The Simple Visual Experience: Pause
    Pause draws on ancient Tai Chi and mindfulness practice while engaging you in the most simple way possible. Participants focus on using their finger to slowly follow a colorful dot that grows and changes colors as it moves around. Repetitive, deliberate movements is key in activating your body’s relaxation response, and it’s scientifically proven by Sweet’s team of researchers that even just five minutes of this will seriously up your chill levels.
  4. The Brain’s Personal Trainer: Headspace
    All it takes is 10 minutes. Give Headspace that, and the app will teach you the basics of meditation; over time, track your progress and train yourself to act more mindfully. With over a million users, you can tap into the community for extra motivation.
  5. The Customizable Practice: Mindfulness
    Some of the world’s foremost meditation teachers can be found on the Mindfulness app, which was created to be easy and used by anyone and everyone. As little as three minutes with this program can help you reduce stress and increase well-being.
  6. The One for Every Situation: Buddhify
    Buddhify is simple and to the point—yet very effective. The app comes with a color wheel of different activities you may find yourself doing during the day (walking in the city, eating, traveling). Simply pick a scenario, and listen your troubles away. On top of that? You can track your progress and give the solo-timer a try.
  7. The Virtual Vacation: Calm
    Calm gives you the option to take a mediation break of either two, five, 10, 15, or 20 minutes. This app is perfect for beginners and gurus alike—users can choose from guided programs such as “Body Scan,” “Anxiety Release,” and “Compassion,” or tap into relaxing sounds for a self-led timed session.
  8. The Oprah Method: 21-Day Meditation Experience
    Who are we to leave out Oprah’s personal recommendation? Join the hundreds of thousands who’ve downloaded the program and challenge led by Deepak Chopra, which aims to help you embrace your dreams and desires, expand your purpose, and find your peace.