A new social networking app hit the app store Thursday and quickly caught fire. CNBC jumped on Friday. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.
  1. The basic 411
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    So many people got on the app, it crashed multiple times over the weekend. 🍑 It was created by Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann. 🍑 It’s only available for iOS. Sorry Android users. 🍑 There’s no way to message someone, so it’s not a messaging app. It’s a social app. 🍑 It’s been referred to as a combo of Twitter and Slack. Updates are shown in chronological order, like Twitter. “Magic words” spark an action, like sharing gifs, songs, your location and more. These actions are similar to Slack.
  2. Creative prompts make the app different
    Sure, you basically share the same exact content as you would on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat. The difference is this allows you to post multimedia content easily. “Magic words” prompt you to include gifs, your location, songs and more. I wonder if we will start to see these prompts pop up on other social networks as well.
  3. Caking is the new poking
    Vocabulary is still developing around what to call actions on the platform. Is peached now a verb? What is a single post called? And remember how you used to be able to poke friends on Facebook? Here you can send them cake, put a ring on it and send them other fun messages. You can get also caked. What that means is open to interpretation.
  4. While there isn’t a clear vocabulary, the language is clearly visual
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    A feed of link posts won’t work on this app. Your account has to have voice and be dynamic.
  5. Everyone is asking: Is it the next Ello or Meerkat?
    Immediately following the launch, people were making comparisons to Ello. The key difference is that Peach isn’t being positioned as a niche community. As for Meerkat, people don’t always have a reason to go live. But people will always share whatever is on their mind. And this app makes it easy to share updates creatively. That doesn't mean it will become people's go-to app when they sit in front of a good dinner. We are still in wait and see mode. 🔮
  6. Why would a brand join Peach so quickly?
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    First, it’s good to at least grab your username. There was a land grab happening for major brand and celebrity names. Being first on a network gives you a jump start on building a following and can help get attention for potential partnerships down the road. We can always sunset CNBC on Peach if we decide it’s not worth our time. But for now it’s fun, easy and engaging.
  7. What others are saying about Peach
    "Is it a fun thing to try out this weekend? We say 'boop' to that." - TechRadar.com 🍑 “Every southerner’s favorite fruit is becoming the tech world’s favorite app." – Digital 🍑 "It presents an opportunity - a chance to feel like a kid again and experience something new for the first time. Curiosity is king.” - Hootsuite exec on LinkedIn