My Friday night was spent like any other social manager: Checking out Peach. The new social app easily allows for creative status updates like drawings, gifs and songs. Friends have been hoping on quickly and sharing multiple updates. Meanwhile, I've enjoyed trying to verify the brands taking it for a test drive.
  1. @merriamwebster
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    I guessed this was verified, and it appears they are! The brand tweeted their username.
  2. @television
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    Mashable TV brilliantly snagged @television. An employee confirmed this and @business are both their accounts.
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    I can confirm this is real. Monday morning we could all be reminiscing about the time we tried and abandoned a new app in less than 24 hours. In the meantime, it's good to stake claim to your brand's username early.
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    Update: An employee has confirm they are real, and they even created a list to confirm.
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    Sure, NASA's first Peach post could totally be a charming joke. But the second and third? I don't think this is real.
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    Not likely real.
  7. @Oreo
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    Need more evidence to confirm this one... The brand is known to be quick to jump on trends. We'll see what comes next.
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    While this has a professional voice, speaks to fans and has proper branding, it is not real. Here's what they posted: "FYI account not affiliated with National Geographic in anyway. Just a fan posting their beautiful pictures."
  9. @att
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    Update: While there were promos on the account at first, it has now shifted to an angry rant. It's not real.
  10. @Bored
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    This is not a brand, I know. But the person behind this accounts is on to something.
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    I'm going with no.
  12. @hottopic
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    Not real, but as a former shopper, it cracked me up.
  13. @dominos
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    This seems to match their brand voice and includes and pitch to follow their Twitter account. I'm thinking there's a good shot this is real.
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    Not actually Vice.
  15. @tmobile
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    Appears to be legit or run by someone who knows a lot about their offers and messaging priorities. ag
  16. @thisisfusion
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    Fusion also tweeted their Peach username from their verified account. They're legit.
  17. @proctergamble
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    Not real!
  18. @hotpockets
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    Looks like it's probably a well-run fan account.
  19. @jcrew
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    Due to the lack of brand-related posts, I'm calling this a fake account.
  20. @acehardware
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    Either this admin is building brand loyalty with hammer humor or this is fake.
  21. @bbcbreaking
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    The lack of photos seems suspicious...
  22. @boingboing
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    Pretty sure this is not real.
  23. @cnnbrk
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    It's not too far fetched to think the people who manage the real brk account would log on to secure their name. I was eager to see how'd they use it. But no. It's not real.
  24. @chicagotribune
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    Confirmed by their social media manager to be real.
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    Confirmed through a tweet posted on their account.