After working in local, national, international and financial news organizations, I have found there are four basic principals to getting organizations to think social-first. What would you add?
  1. Stats.
    People have all sorts of interesting theories and philosophies around social. If you can support your POV with solid numbers, that will usually go a long way in helping the case you're trying to build. Regularly report on key metrics from the accounts you manage and after big projects. People constantly ask questions about social. This will help you easily answer those questions and support your ideas with stats.
  2. Support from the top.
    Whether or not you're a recognized leader in your organization, enacting change is tough. To get a group of people motivated to be more social, it needs to be a clear priority from top management. Support from the top coupled with stats goes a long way in recruiting advocates.
  3. Serious commitment.
    Working in social is hard. It lives at the intersection of editorial, business, marketing, product, partnerships and sales. Those are departments that usually don't collaborate on a tactical level. But to create a social-first mindset in an organization, you need to be committed to making it all come together.
  4. Smiles!
    You may be surprised how far a smile can get you. Remember: At the end of the day, it's social. It's supposed to be fun!