I've been watching too much of The Walking Dead and people around me get annoyed because I wont shut up about it. I guess this is my life now.
  1. I wouldn't breathe so loud.
    Applies to everyone on the show.
  2. No dramatic pauses.
    Would save valuable time during a zombie apocalypse.
  3. Would raise Carl not to be arrogant and annoying.
    Let's be honest.
  4. I would give Daryl at least one long hug every day.
    This would make me a happier person and give me lots and lots of hope = make me a better leader.
  5. I would teach people about zombies.
    Seriously!!!!!! No one ever heard of zombies??? What's with the "walkers", "biters", "roamers", etc.
  6. I would see Michonne's full potential.
    First of all. She is one of the strongest and smartest characters on the show. Second and what I feel should be the most obvious thing: she has the perfect weapon. She can kill about four walkers per second with that sword. USE HER!!! Send her for a quick walk around the block and the area will be all cleared up.
  7. No long stares.
    I feel like I made my point about the dramatic pauses and this is simular. Just... It's just so not the right time.
  8. I would pick up my daughter once in a while.
    They never hang out!!!! She is a tiny little baby and he's her only parent. He's been doing an awful lot of strolling around the neighborhood lately so it's not that he doesn't have the time???