Which took place laying down staring out the window at the blue New York sky waiting for yoga class to begin
  1. Remember @tothemaxxx 's recent post about things he will never understand and "women against feminism" confuses and frustrates me as well. What do they mean? How do they define feminism? How do I?
  2. I imagine being asked this question, I would respond: it means believing women should be treated equally to men...or feminism is the belief and movement to (commitment to the movement to?) make sure women are given equal amounts respect and opportunity as men are afforded...or...
  3. What is the dictionary definition of feminism? (Googled after class)
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  4. Also, who wrote this definition? A man or a woman?
  6. Imagine meeting someone who said their Aunt Robin's job is deciding (amongst her coworkers....in an old timey brick building...with many shelves and ladders...and old wooden tables with lots of old dictionaries and source material...and her coworkers who are dedicated to definitions, one of whom, "Albert" wears glasses just at the tip of his nose..
  7. In this case I would immediately think, "wow. I have never met someone who does that or even thought about the who, what, where, when, why of words!"
  8. My rib started to hurt and I remembered it is injured and still hurts
  9. "Eve came from Adams rib"....wait a second. How is that still an accepted theory? Who wrote that down?
  10. Is that....maybe the beginnings of patriarchy when men felt like they too needed a birth narrative??
  11. My yoga teacher walks in, "okay everyone please make your way onto your backs. Welcome to class."